In the Fall of 2015, Sandra Howard was asked if she could prepare a children’s choir to perform Ralph Vaughan Williams’ “Hodie” with Masterworks Choir for their Christmas concert. Then director of the Hartsville Children’s Chorale, she rehearsed with them and with a group of children from Central United Methodist Church in Florence for the December 2015 performance.

That venture led to the formation of the Masterworks Children’s Choir in the 2016-2017 season, with Sandra as the founding director. The Masterworks Children’s Choir performs as a part of the Florence Pecan Festival and presents combined works with the Masterworks Choir, including John Rutter’s Mass of the Children and Dan Forrest’s Jubilate Deo. They have also performed concerts with other local artists. In the spring 2017, they performed with a number of local musicians. They performed with the Florence Symphony Orchestra for their Christmas 2017 concert. In 2018, they combined with Cary (NC) Youth Voices for a weekend performance. In 2019, they performed with percussionist Shane Reeves.