Inspired by the power of music to enrich lives, the Masterworks Choir is dedicated to increasing the awareness and appreciation of choral music and musicians through performance, outreach, and education.


Strategic plan

A five-year strategic plan would then contain plans for accomplishing our Mission:

  • Learning new repertoire
    Exposing the audience and our singers to new repertoire, both traditional and β€œnew” music, serves to challenge us all to examine our assumptions about music and about performance. An intentional strategy of performing a wider spectrum of music could serve to broaden our audience base.

  • Performances at retirement centers, service organizations, charity events, etc.
    Part of the mission of the Masterworks Choir is outreach into the communities in which we sing and live. We will seek opportunities to perform for organizations or at events in order to become a more vital part of the artistic fabric of the Florence community and Pee Dee region.

  • Involved public/private school choirs in our concerts
    Education is also a key component of our mission as an ensemble. Forming closer relationship with local choral directors, personally inviting them and their students to our concerts, and regularly involving an elementary, middle or high school choir in performances will help demonstrate our commitment to training future generations of adults who, even if they do not participate in them, value the arts.

  • Performing outside of the Pee Dee Region

  • National and International choir tours

  • Initiate the Williams B. Mills Young Artist Competition
    The Masterworks Choir is a premier volunteer chorus that seeks to nurture young local talent. For this reason we are initiating the William B. Mills Young Artist Competition named after founder and long-time music director Bill Mills. The mission of the YAC is to recruit young vocalists, identify talent in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, and provide opportunities for promising singers to perform with the Masterworks Choir.

  • Continue the Music for a Cause campaign
    The Music for a Cause campaign is dedicated to collaborating with various charitable organizations in our community to bring awareness to their mission and to the challenges that they face.

  • Develop new revenue streams for supporting these initiatives